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The Problem with Remodeling

What we do for a living is a really crazy thing to do. We go into people’s homes and tear them apart, then rebuild them while our client lives, works, and raises their family in the middle of a construction site. Naturally, this is a difficult and stressful process for everyone involved. And of course, who is doing the remodel can most certainly have a profound impact on how severe that stress impacts your family. Add to that, the fact that a sizeable portion of the remodeling industry is actually inadequately skilled to actually perform the work. There are some out there who try to talk you out of pulling permits and not test existing conditions. They will tell you it will save you money and they say they will build per the building codes – but they won’t. Even though this can surely impact you, potentially your health and the value of your home. And then there are the abatement issues, criminals, liens, escalating costs, run away project timelines and creative design among other concerns that you may have. Actually, most people are unaware of all the issues that can come up as they invite a construction company into their homes to do work. All this must make choosing a remodeler very stressful just to begin with. And the work hasn’t even started.

Having been involved with building track homes in subdivisions, custom homes and remodeling for all my working life, I have learned a great deal about construction and one of the things that all these years of experience in the construction industry have taught me, is that building homes can be difficult, but remodeling can be far more complex than new construction.

The custom cabinets and accents in this delightful kitchen add a sophistication to the home.

But That Is Also Why We Enjoy Remodeling

This is your home – it is the most expensive purchase that you will probably ever make. It is where you raise your family and have your best memories, we tend to love our homes. We want to feel safe in them. Yet why so many people hire unskilled people to tear into the heart and backbone of their home and potentially permanently damage it, to do a quick, sub-standard remodel is beyond me. Maybe it’s because at first we tend to all look alike. It can be hard to tell who has right stuff.

But the point is, that now you can start to see that we are not selling a commodity like oil, wheat or gold. Every remodeling company is extremely different in how we build, in our creativity, in our plans, in how we price, in our skill set, in our past experience, in our education, in our service and so on. This is because it is all built with a craftsman hands, each with different skills and experiences, add to that the interaction between a lot of people that has to happen to make a project successful. So it appears to us that having a good and experienced Remodeling Company is essential for a successful project.

Does This Mean That We Are the Perfect Remodeler for Everyone?

No, in fact, we are the first to admit that we may not be the best choice for every project. There isn’t a single remodeler that is right for every client, so the choice – the competition – is important. But for every good remodeler, there are a dozen bad ones. So it’s important to make a good selection when choosing who to work with.

Surprisingly, not all remodeling projects are good ideas to pursue. Over the years, we have been thanked a lot for voicing our opinions on this matter.

At GRC Builders we have solved the problems that our clients had with their “before” homes in a creative and competitive manner. We have been in business for decades – in remodeling – where we put our clients thru the living in a construction site syndrome and have an A+ rating. And the vast majority of our work comes from previous clients.

All this because we specialize in creating new lifestyles in existing homes.

We hope that by carousing our website and by talking with us you will see a difference that you will like. We can turn your dreams into a successful project and you will invite us back in the future to work on your next project.

Thanks for visiting our site!

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